Bobby Goldstones's Magic show Bobby Goldstones's Magic show Where's it Gone? 25572556 Start of Magic Show 25572567 Bobby Encourages Children to Help Him 25572573 More Magic by Bobby 25572557 It's a Rabbit! 25572569 Bobby Loves Doing Rope Magic 25572570 Party Time 25572571 The Parrots not Part of the Show 25572572 Is it empty 25572559 Another Helper 25572562 Abracadabra 25572561 Tap Tap Tap 25572564 Hey Presto 25572563 What's in The Bag 25572574 Even Bobby Likes a Helping hand 25572575 It`s great to help 25572558 Magic birthday card from Bobby 25572585 A Certificate for the Birthday Boy 25572587 magic painting by Bobby 25572586 Bobby Keeping the Children Entertained 25572576 Silk Magic 25572588 Let's Look What's in the Bag 25572579 Every child at the party can have a model balloon from Bobby 25572560 The Making Of the Crocodile 25572577 Crocodile Balloon 25572589 T.i.g.g.e.r Himself 25572590 Flower power 25572591 Balloon Creation 25572592 The End of Bobby goldstones magic show 25572578